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nft / Web3 / blockchain / metaverse / AI

The tech step forward to web3 market growth


Take a first glance at the panels and speakers' sessions of NFT TELAVIV

We are constantly updating the agenda and our speakers

Tuesday 01/30/24

NFT - The compagnies’ biggest interests and their challenges

Jamie Bykov Brett


Metaverse for business

Sharad Agarwal

Panel: Techno convergence


NFT as business model in the Music Industry



Web3 - fashion and luxury, case study

Karen Jouve


Panel: Metaverse, what next

Crypto and AI Regulations

Jaguar Gal


Wednesday 01/31/24

CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency

Major risks - Systems - Implementation

Gabi Zodik, IBM


AI for Web3


Panel: VCs - Web3 particularities


Gaming in web3:

Decentralized gaming strategy showing the way

David Cummings 

Panel: Legal views and impact on Web3

Web3 for Marketing - building communities

Ethan Pierce

MetaBuilder Community

Adan Kedem


Panel: Women in the Web3


Apply to become a speaker: send us an email at with a bio, links to your social medias and the subject to want to talk about during your session.

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